Our Vision

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Our Vision

We have a vision of a church.  This church is full of people who are worshipping God in all scriptural manner of worship.  These people are more than a collection of individuals, they are families of people.  Grandparents, parents, and children who have learned what true worship really involves and are not ashamed to worship the Lord Jesus Christ.

They are families where the father has taken his rightful position as the priest of his household, and ministers to his family in that capacity.  These are families where the parents have found the deep truths of God's Word and are teaching them to their children, by example and precept.  These are families that are being healed and strengthened by the Word of God and the ministry of the Spirit of God.

These families are being educated in the proper skills so that they will never be damaged again.  These nuclear families are also ministering the love and caring of the Lord Jesus to their extended families by example and precept. 

These families are involved in their communities and are ministering to their community through love and dedication for one another and concern for their neighbors.   These individual family members are also ministering to their peer groups by their words and actions. 

These are individuals who are also equipped to stand in their everyday circumstances and not just in the corporate worship environment.  This church is not a jealous church.

It is a place where new ministers and ministries are being birthed and equipped and sent into the world to fight the good fight of faith.  A place where men and women are encouraged and discipled to strive for excellence in the service of a Holy and Righteous God.